Empowered 18,000+ People with Disabilities

In 2014, Spark Minda Group launched a programme “Saksham” to ensure sustainability in the lives of People with Disabilities (PwDs) by adding a holistic approach to the programme. It augments the Accessible India Campaign (Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan) of the Ministry of Persons with Disabilities. Moreover, it supplements the United Nation’s Sustainable Development 8, 9, 10 and 17 Goals.

Empowerment Of People With Disability Camp

Spark Minda Group’s endeavour is that every person in the country is treated fairly and is empowered. We organise empowerment camps at different locations with the aim to reach PwDs for providing accessible and assistive aids, facilitating UDID registration, providing employment opportunities and skill trainings. Our aim is to build an inclusive and harmonious society. We want people to believe that it is not the disability that counts but the abilities that they have matters.

Saksham Images
Saksham Images
Saksham Images
Saksham Images

Skilling And Employment

To ensure sustenance in the lives of PwDs the programme also assists with the employment needs. With the collaboration of multiple NGOs, we have employed more than 1000+ PwD employees in Spark Minda Group (SMG) after providing them with full-fledged training. Along with the training for the job, we also provide them with safety training to save themselves during emergencies or mishaps.

Saksham - Divyang Empowerment Centre

SMF has Divyang Empowerment centre at Pune and Noida. At these centres we have reached over 3,500 PwDs with the following Services offered:

  • Manufacturing and Fitment of Accessible and Assistive Aids
  • UDID Facilitation
  • Skill Development Training in collaboration with SCPWD and NSDC
  • Facilitation in employment both within and outside the organisation

Maharashtra Centre

The Maharashtra centre was Established in March, 2018 and caters to more than 10 blocks of Pune, over 4 districts of Maharashtra and is open for Divyangs across India.

Uttar Pradesh Centre

The Uttar Pradesh centre was established in 2021 to serve the people of the peripheral states in northern India.

Saksham - Divyang Empowerment Centre

Uttarakhand Centre

The Uttarakhand centre was established in 2023 to serve the people of the peripheral states in northern India.

Saksham Journey


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